Brought up the youngest of nine siblings, my brothers and sisters helped me understand and relate to various personalities and life styles.  My 30 plus year career as a physical therapist inspired me to honor and appreciate the body as an amazingly complex set of  biological systems intimately connected to each other.  The body needs to be held with great respect, care and consideration.  Throughout my career working with patients, I began to notice more and more the importance of the Mind and Body connection in a person’s health and healing.  I observed the impact my thoughts, emotions, and sensations had on my life.  Through the practice of Mindfulness, I became aware of many thoughts, emotions, and sensations, some of which were recurrent, patterned, and negative thus not serving my well being.  The life I created was a reflection of my beliefs, habitual thought patterns, emotional reactions, and physical use of my body.  I realized by changing the programming in my mind to more positive and beneficial thoughts and messages, responding to emotions with equanimity, and nurturing my body with loving attention, I changed my life situation to a more conscious and healthier way of being.  As my physical therapy career came to an end, I felt compelled to find another way to help people.  The Health Coaching Certification from National Society of Health Coaches fit perfectly with my need for purpose, healing, and connection.  I am passionate about facilitating the improvement of your health, well being and quality of life.