Stress Management

Stress is considered one of the most common causes of a decline in physical health as well as a factor in mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.  A stress assessment will evaluate 5 factors: perceptions, diet, physical activity, support systems, and relaxation/leisure.  The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale will be used if needed to determine your risk for a mental or physical health breakdown due to stressful events over the last 12 months. Emphasis will be placed on developing and implementing stress management interventions.  Some stress coping strategies include physical activity, mindfulness practices, getting adequate sleep, reframing stressful thoughts, laughing out loud, writing about the causes of stress, enlisting problem solving skills, and if needed engaging behavioral health support.

Weight Loss and Maintenance

The weight loss and maintenance program creates a treatment plan that focuses on individualized needs/goals to optimize ongoing health and well being.  Some goals may include selecting an ideal weight, reducing excess body weight, and maintaining a lower body weight long-term.  We work together to address personal factors such as environment, family history, genetics, metabolism, and entrenched behaviors and habits that contribute to your current weight.  The belief in success is strengthened and we strategize to develop a realistic weight loss and maintenance program.

Nutritional Guidence

Eating nutrient dense food is an essential component to overall health prevention and well being.  Guidance is given to create a balanced eating plan that fits your needs and lifestyle.  Additionally, a system of accountability will help keep you on track to achieve your intended result.

Physical Activity and Resistance Training

Exercise is one of the most important aspects of wellness.  Great care will be given when designing an exercise program, so that it is safe, based on the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, and takes into account your fitness level. Realistic goals will be set and modified based on your progress.  A combination of aerobic activity, resistance training, and flexibility exercises will be incorporated to develop a comprehensive exercise routine.  Ongoing support and motivation will be provided to ensure the best possible outcome.

Tobacco Cessation                                                                                                                                     

All tobacco products are highly addictive.  During the health coaching session, co-behaviors related to smoking will be identified and addressed and we will explore thoughts and feelings related to interacting and socializing with friends and family, who are smokers.  We will establish a plan to prevent a smoking relapse.